Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Upgrade from GWT 1.5 to GWT 1.6 - Again

Well, I wasn't satisfied with the result of the upgrade. Although sometimes I like to try the same thing again and see if the the outcome is different, this time I tried a different approach to see if the outcome was different.

The problem with a straightforward upgrade was the "danglers" from the 1.5 directory structure. During the conversion, it was hard to tell what could be thrown away and what needed to be kept without going through everything carefully.

So, I decided to created a new project, using the current tools, let it build exactly the directory structure it wants, then copy stuff in until it works. Basically. There was some moving around, there were changes to build.xml, and miscellaneous cleanup. But, all my UTs passed, all my ATs passed, and it's good to go.

I still need to swap out what's deprecated in the API for what's current, but that can happen later.

Also in the process, I switched repositories from Subversion to Git. Git takes us back to the command-line world that we had years back with CVS, but it's far-and-away better than the other repo options out there: Local branching, rebase, gitk, bisect, workflow smorgasbord, and more. Very nice. By following this workflow I can auto-collaborate and work on the same branch on my desktop or at the local Breadco.

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